• Manage NextEPC daemons (Ubuntu package)

    The NextEPC service is registered in systemd environment, and is started automatically after its installation. The service names are nextepc-mmed, nextepc-sgwd, nextepc-pgwd, nextepc-hssd, and nextepc-pcrfd. You can use the systemctl command to control specific services.
sudo systemctl status nextepc-mmed (Check the service status)
sudo systemctl stop nextepc-mmed (Stop the service)
sudo systemctl disable nextepc-mmed (Will not be started after rebooting)
sudo systemctl enable nextepc-mmed (Will be started after rebooting)
sudo systemctl start nextepc-mmed (Start the service)
sudo systemctl restart nextepc-mmed (Stop and start)
  • MongoDB URI

    The LTE UE information of NextEPC is stored and maintained by Mongo DB. To manage the subscriber information, Mongo DB client is required. The default DB URI is [mongodb://localhost/nextepc].
  • NextEPC Web service

    NextEPC provides an alternative management interface for customers to manage their subscriber information in an easy way. The service name is nextepc-webui, and it will show a web page on http://localhost:3000. The default account information is shown here: Adding a UE.
  • Issue on TUN

    To run NextEPC with least privilege, TUN device permission should be a crw-rw-rw-(666). Otherwise, you need to run NextEPC daemons with root privilege. If the permission is not crw-rw-rw-(666), then install udev package. If the permission is still not changed after installing udev, run NextEPC with root privileges.
ls -al /dev/net/tun
crw-rw---- 1 root 28 10, 200 Feb 11 05:13 /dev/net/tun
sudo apt-get install udev /* Ubuntu */
sudo dnf -y install udev /* Fedora */
sudo systemctl start systemd-udevd
  • Disabling IPv6

    IPv6 can be disabled as followgs:
sysctl -n net.ipv6.conf.pgwtun.disable_ipv6

(if the output is 0 and IPv6 is enabled, skip the followings)
sudo sh -c "echo 'net.ipv6.conf.pgwtun.disable_ipv6=0' > /etc/sysctl.d/30-nextepc.conf"
sudo sysctl -p /etc/sysctl.d/30-nextepc.conf

sudo sh -c "cat << EOF > /etc/systemd/network/
  • Masquerading on macOS

sudo sysctl -w net.inet.ip.forwarding=1
sudo sh -c "echo 'nat on {en0} from to any -> {en0}' > /etc/pf.anchors/org.nextepc"
sudo pfctl -e -f /etc/pf.anchors/org.nextepc

Serivce and Support: NextEPC Inc.