Getting Started

This post will guide you on how to configure NextEPC.

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Configuration Files

  • Installed from NextEPC pacakage


    mme.conf           // nextepc-mmed
    sgw.conf           // nextepc-sgwd
    pgw.conf           // nextepc-pgwd
    hss.conf           // nextepc-hssd
    pcrf.conf          // nextepc-pcrfd
  • Installed from building source codes

    Each daemon has a dedicated config file, and the default config files are located in $PREFIX/etc/nextepc/*.conf. Depending on what daemons are launched, appropriate config files should be modified. The config can also be explicitly given with the option [-f config-file] when a daemon is executed. If you run nextepc-epcd, the default configuration file is located in $PREFIX/etc/nextepc/nextepc.conf.

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