Add a UE

Please note that nextepc.conf is used only if NextEPC is executed through nextepc-epcd. Otherwise, mme.conf, sgw.conf, pgw.conf, hss.conf, and pcrf.conf should be modifed for the configuration.

Register a UE information

Open http://localhost:3000. Login with admin. Later, you can change the password in Account Menu.

  - Username : admin
  - Password : 1423

Using Web UI, you can add a subscriber without a Mongo DB client.

  - Go to Subscriber Menu.
  - Click `+` Button to add a new subscriber.
  - Fill the IMSI, security context(K, OPc, AMF), and APN of the subscriber.
  - Click `SAVE` Button

This addition is applied immediately without restarting any NextEPC daemon.